Ask Andre

  • How a Bespoke Guayabera Shirt Put This Miami Menswear Brand on the Fashion Map

    You might say that Andre Fayad didn’t choose the guayabera life—the guayabera life chose him. Although his eponymous menswear company may be most ...
  • Why Local?

    I knew that it could not be all about the actual quality of those pieces which would carry on with my family name. I knew also that as passionate as I may be to help others find a way to communicate who they are thru the garments that they wear, how they wear it, how they care for it. It was also important WHO was making those garments, WHERE are they being made, HOW are they being made and WHY are they being made. 
  • It was the best of times...

    We are living in a moment of constant change & instant gratification. Where the true sense of luxury is time. Some emotions which we do no longer be in touch with such as craftmanship, individuality, patience and even romance.