It was the best of times...

We are living in a moment of constant change & instant gratification. Where the true sense of luxury is time. Some emotions which we no longer are in touch with such as craftmanship, individuality, patience and even romance.

I do not look to impose any thoughts of what it is & shouldn't be however we no longer acknowledge what true craftsmanship is about. In the digital era of instant gratification we do not afford ourselves the build up and anticipation of having some patience. The patience to go thru the process of creating something for ourselves. Truly made for you garments once delivered have such a level of satisfaction because you know no one will have that garment which you took the time to pick every detail. People have lost their individuality while wearing sweats, t-shirt & Yeezy's. 

Proposing the likes of Great Gatsby or Casablanca with their 3 piece suits as the earth literally melting around us in Miami is not what I am talking about. However, put yourself together man! My wife always looking her best when we go out to dinner that I cannot find it in myself to wear a t-shirt anywhere with her because I would look and feel out of place. It doesn't matter if we are going to our local favorite Thai restaurant, Ricky's Thai Bistro which is a little hole in the wall in North Miami Beach. Or if we were going back to the sushi bar at the high end Makoto to stuff ourselves with sushi. In part, I think everyone is accountable for this deterioration of standards. 

You have to be accountable for yourself & how you put yourself together out to the world, your partner has to keep you accountable for how they go out with you in public. Lastly, establishments need to set a standard for dining. I love how the Hillstone/Houston's group of restaurants enforce the "no-hat" rule for the dining room. I would love to see more restaurants require jackets, not allow hats, t-shirts, shorts etc. How hard is it to put a shirt on guys?

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